Value-Added Reseller

Why to be ATCOM’s VAR?

Over 10 years’ focus on VoIP, with experienced R&D team of VoIP Industry.

ATCOM established in 1998, has engaged in VoIP technology development and research for over 12 years, with the ability to launch a new model of IP phone , IP PBXand Asterisk Cards to the market each 2 months averagely.

  • 1) Reliable and marketable products
    ATCOM provides a total VoIP solution with product range of IP phone, IP PBX, Telephone card and Analog Telephone Adapter, up to now, ATCOM’s products has been spread to over 60 countries and used by millions of end users.
  • 2) Competitive price
    ATCOM dedicated itself to SMB (Small and Medium Business) market, offer a VoIP solution at an affordable cost, to support SMB enterprises’ demand and development .
  • 3) Constant Marketing
    ATCOM is an aggressive brand company with constant investment on marketing activities (Google AD, Magazines AD, international exhibitions and local trade shows),cooperate with distribution partners to improve our brand image and reputation.

Who qualifies to be ATCOM VAR?

All companies who experienced in VoIP technology and interested in reselling ATCOM products with good pre-sale consultant and after service can be qualified as an ATCOM VAR.

What benefits to ATCOM VAR?

  1. ATCOM’s full product line.
  2. ATCOM’s latest products news by e-blast.
  3. Direct technical support by experienced ATCOM engineers.
  4. Instant Rebate for volume order

How to be ATCOM VAR Partner?

Please click here to fill out ATCOM VAR Application. Our team will contact with you in 24 hours at working time.